This show was incredibly hard to cast due to the outstanding talent you all brought to the table. Each and every one of you has talent that is out of this world! No matter your role, you are appreciated and so very needed for the telling of our story. We have no doubt that thanks to each and every one of you, this production will be magical!

Aladdin Jr. (Session 2)


Please read each item carefully.

  1. You must accept your role by tomorrow, Thursday (May 5th) at 4pm, or your part will be replaced. Please fill out the form here:
  2. The script is provided virtually, in which each actor must print their own.
  3. Please note that if you are late to pick up your child from rehearsal, etc., a fee will put into place.
  4. Throughout the rehearsal process, check back to this page for helpful links to schedules, music, dance recordings, the script, forms, and more!
  5. Please read and consistently check the Costumes section below.
  6. We'll see you at rehearsals (and be sure to check out our exciting fall classes)

Please read each item carefully.

  • Aladdin, Genie, Abu, and the Tap Dancers need tap shoes
  • Genie Dancers & Harem Girls need black jazz shoes

Costume/hair info: view detailed information here


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