Thank you so much for auditioning! Please note that if you did not get called back, you are still in the cast as an important and needed role. We are only calling back a few characters. You may be called back in more than one category. The cast list will be posted by Thursday night.

SCHEDULE (please only come to the times you are invited to): 

5:00PM - 5:30PM: Tap callbacks (please come in appropriate dance attire with tap shoes, but only if you have them)

5:30PM - 6:15PM: Dancing callbacks (please come in appropriate dance attire)

6:15PM - 8:00PM: Singing & Acting callbacks

Callbacks - Aladdin Jr.

Tap Callbacks (5-5:30pm):

Please come in appropriate dancing attire.

Will O’Keefe
Ace Christensen
Everett Brown
Zach Munk
Joey Allred
Kylie Sanders
Lily Armour
Gabie May
Tessa Steurer
Sage Spendlove
Dominic DeMille
Daxstin DeMille
Nico Estrada
Melanie Petersen
Macy Thornton
Kyla Traveller
Taycie Traveller

Johanna Wells

Brittnee Rodgers

Singing/Acting Callbacks (6:15-8pm):
Names are listed below. Those called back for singing/acting will be asked to sing the song assigned below and will be asked to complete a cold read (reading/acting a given monologue for the first time). Please prepare the song that is listed next to your name (This song does not reveal who you'll be casted as). Note: If you are called back to sing "Palace Walls," it is a different version than the audition track.

Dance Callbacks (5:30-6:15pm):

Please come in appropriate dancing attire.

Kylie Sanders
Tessa Steurer
Saylor Slade
Sage Spendlove
Melanie Petersen
Aubrey Sanders
Neveah Estrada
Emma Schmitt
Cassidy Dutson
Lily Armour
Taycie Traveller
Kyla Traveller
Macy Thornton
Alana Graham
Tenley Hansen
Gabie May
Ana Elise Carnavale
Sierra Nelson
Johanna Wells
Lillian Cheney
Kennedi Smith
Katelyn Blake
Brynlee Blake

Brittnee Rodgers

Will O'Keefe: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Asher Reid: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Blake Nelson: Friend Like Me

Kylie Sanders: Friend Like Me

Aubrey Sanders: Friend Like Me

Emma Schmitt: Friend Like Me

Cassidy Dutson: Palace Walls (callback version)

Reagan Burr: Friend Like Me

Ace Christensen: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Lily Armour: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Taycie Traveller: Palace Walls (callback version)

Macy Thornton: Palace Walls (callback version)

Emmett Riding: Friend Like Me

Tenley Hansen: Friend Like Me

Braden Winslow: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Everett Brown: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Melanie Petersen: Palace Walls (callback version)

Anna Carnavale: Palace Walls (callback version)

Sierra Nelson: Palace Walls (callback version)

Gabbie May: Friend Like Me

Zach Munk: Proud of Your Boy, Friend Like Me

Tessa Streur: Friend Like Me

Elizabeth Riddell: Friend Like Me, Palace Walls (callback version)

Dominic DeMille: Friend Like Me

Daxstin DeMille: Friend Like Me

Sage Spendlove: Friend Like Me

Joey Allred: Friend Like Me

Brittnee Rodgers: Palace Walls (callback version)