Thank you so much for auditioning! Please note that if you did not get called back, you are still in the cast as an important and needed role. We are only calling back a few characters. You may be called back in more than one category. The cast list will be posted by Thursday night.

SCHEDULE (please only come to the times you are invited to): 

6:00PM - 8:00PM: Singing/Acting callbacks

8:00PM - 9:00PM: Dancing callbacks (please come in appropriate dance attire)

Callbacks - Once Upon a Time


Prepare- I Won't Say I'm in Love. If you have a * next to your name, please practice a Scottish accent.

Annie Gardner

Rylie Stanley*

Emily Gardner

Harlee Shurtliff

Daisy Harris

Lily Harris

Liv Dower

Ashlyn Carpenter

Hannah Nielson

Livvy Schwartz*

Lydia Langford

Tessa Steurer*

Acacia Barney

Eloise Black

Molly Wagner

Alana Graham*

Mae Scott

Eliana Zitting*

Lizzie Zitting

Lucy Christensen

Kylie Sanders*

Olivia Chavez

Aubrey Sanders

Sarah Osness*

Addie Callahan


Prepare- Be Our Guest

Nico Estrada

Davin Smith

Asher Reid

Cooper Betts

Ace Christensen

Samuelu Morgan


Prepare- Let it Go (callback version)

Lauric Brown

Emma Volcansek

Lily Armour

Lilly Pearson

Paysli Fuller

Livvy Schwartz

Ashlyn Holt

Katie Merdes

Tessa Steurer

Taycie Traveller

Cassidy Dutson

Eliana Zitting

Sage Spendlove

Siena Romney

Lola Morgan

Rosa Morgan

Isa Johnson

Dancing Callbacks:

Please come in appropriate dancing attire.

Ellie Evans

Emma Volcansek

Harlee Shurtliff

Jordan Moody

Liv Dower

Paysli Fuller

Claire Tanner

Ashlyn Holt

Alana Graham

Taycie Traveller

Cassidy Dutson

Mae Scott

Sage Spendlove

Kylie Sanders

Siena Romney

Sarah Osness

Rachel Frisby

Singing/Acting Callbacks:
Names are listed under each role category they are being called back for.

Please prepare the material under each category your name is listed under.