Vocal classes

Students may either study voice in private lessons, group voice classes, or in the advanced vocal masterclass. In these courses, they will learn vocal techniques, scales, sight-reading, music theory, proper vocal care, and more with recitals to apply their learning. These courses are helpful in preparing students for auditions, performances, or just for fun! (Please note- courses with less than 5 students will be canceled)

All classes run from August 21st, 2022, to May 10th, 2023!


These courses provide vocal learning experiences in a group setting. Students will collaborate with the instructor and other students to receive personal advice and training. Advanced students are advised to join the Vocal Masterclass.

Students will receive one-on-one attention to workshop chosen songs. Music theory, vocal health, confidence, performance skills, and more will be taught. Other lesson items will be taught depending on the students' wishes and needs. Meeting times are to be arranged through the sign-up below. Lessons are for any age, although we recommend students being over the age of 10 in order to have the best learning experience. Students below that age should check out our group vocal classes above, where they may have the best experience possible! Instructors are assigned based on availability.

Private Lessons (2023-2024 School Year)

Performances: December 9th & May 11th

Instructor: Celeste Larkin, Sadie Stone, Austin Jackson

Price: $35 / half-hour lesson, paid monthly (refunds in the form of credit given if notice of absence is given in advance)

Meeting time: TBD, please click the button below.

Private Lessons
Multiple-Student courses - COPA (see their website)