Fall 2021 - Vocal classes

There are different experience levels, age groups, and meeting times.

All classes run from August 23rd to May 20th, 2022 (May 16-20th is free, and is a fun "bring-your-friend" week)!

Vocal Masterclasses

Students will train with the experienced and wonderful Celeste Teal Dixon. This workshop meets once a week for one semester (August 23rd - December 10th).

Instructor: Celeste Dixon

Price: $70 / month

Meeting time: Wednesdays from 4 - 4:55pm on the stage

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Vocal Masterclass (Elizabeth Prescott)

Students will train with the highly-qualified Elizabeth Prescott. This workshop meets once a week for one semester (August 23rd - December 10th).

Instructor: Elizabeth Prescott

Price: $70 / month

Meeting time: Fridays from 5 - 5:55pm on the stage

Vocal classes

There are private and group vocal lessons available year round at Broadway Bound. In vocal classes children will learn vocal techniques, scales, sight reading, music theory, and how to properly care for their voice. We can prepare you for auditions, performances, or just for fun! Group lessons are $45 monthly and $20 per half hour for private. Visit our parent portal for class descriptions, fall schedule, and to register.

Students will receive one-on-one attention to workshop chosen songs. Music theory, vocal health, confidence, and performance skills will be taught. Other lesson items will be taught depending on the students' wishes and needs. Meeting times are to be arranged with the chosen instructor. Lessons for any age, although we recommend students being over the age of 10 in order to have the best learning experience. Students below that age should check out our group classes, where they may have the best experience possible!

Instructor: Celeste Dixon

Price: $20 / half hour lesson

Meeting time: Determined through the schedule button below.

Any level, any age

Masterclasses / Workshops
Private Lessons