Cast Links - Aristocats Session 2

  • Underclothing: We want your child to be as comfortable as possible when changing/trying on costumes, in which we ask that on costume try-on, dress rehearsal, & performance days, your child wear the following for under their costume (this may change according to their costume):
    • Girls - leotard & shorts OR tank-top & shorts. Solid black flats or black jazz shoes.
    • Boys - white t-shirt & shorts OR tank-top & shorts. Solid black shoes or black jazz shoes.
    • We are not strict on what to wear under costumes, just as long as your child is wearing something over their undergarments & the clothing they wear under costume cannot be seen when wearing a costume. Thanks!
  • Costumes:  (link coming soon) Costumes will be tried on in particular rehearsals. Some pieces may need to be provided by the actor, which are detailed in the link. 
  • Hair & Makeup: (link coming soon)

STAFF (that will be working with your kids at rehearsals)
  • Stage Manager: Skye Thomas
  • Director: Elsie Arrington
  • Music Director: Lizzie Zitting
  • Choreographer: Kaisa Larsen
  • Student Choreographer: Cambrynn Kelsch
  • Costume Mistress/Lights: Kate Woolley
  • Makeup Artist/Sound: Lindsay Woolley
  • Activities Director: Brittney Nelson
  • Teen Mentors:  Hadley Branch, Lucy Smith, Tillie Workman, Sarah Kaiser

Please read each item carefully.

1. Visit each button below & come back to this page often.

2. Start memorizing!

3. Prep for rehearsals:

  • Kids are expected to come to every rehearsal (June 11th-20th from 10am-12pm, Monday-Saturday)
  • Bring a water bottle to all rehearsals.
  • Ensure access to the script (limited-stock hard copies will be at the theater on the first day, and digital copies are accessed below. 
  • Wear clothes/shoes comfortable to move in.
  • Costume/hair information will be posted soon.