We are proud to offer several types of classes to make your child a true triple threat in performing! We have various dance, vocal, acting, and even preschool classes! Visit each page below to view and register for our classes which all run from August 23rd, 2021 to May 20th, 2022 (May 16-20th is free, and is a fun "bring-your-friend" week)!

PAYMENTS: Registered classes are charged on the 3rd of every month, due by the 10th, with a $10.00 late charge added on the 18th.


  • October 14-15th & 18th (Fall break)
  • November 24-26th & 29th (Thanksgiving break)
  • December 22nd-January 5th (Christmas break)
  • January 17th (Martin Luther King Jr. day)
  • February 18th & 21st (Presidents' Day break)
  • March 14-18th & 21st (Spring break)
  • April 15th & 18th (Easter break)