Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are classes always open for registration?

A: Yes. Certain classes prepare for performances and have solos/dances taught so your child may miss those opportunities, however, it depends on the class and time of year. Our CMT Teams are audition-only and are only open for registration at the beginning of each school year. For specific class questions, please contact the teacher.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Please visit this link for detailed instructions on how to register.

Q: I filled out the form for private lessons. When will I get more information about the lesson?

A: You will receive an email about all details about your lesson from the instructor assigned to you within a few days of submitting the form.

Q: Will my child perform in their class?

A: It depends on the class. The Musical Theatre, Acting, Dance, and CMT Team classes have formal performances. The classes listed prepare for two performances: A Christmas Showcase (December) and End of Year Showcase (April/May). The CMT Teams perform throughout the year. 

Q: Can my child come to class on a monthly basis, without committing to the whole school year?

A: Yes, however, they will miss out on receiving solos, as half of the class curriculums focus on preparing for the end of semester performance.

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