Cast Member Policies

Thank you for understanding that being a part of a theatrical production is a special experience that should be taken seriously. If we all do our best, our teamwork will create the best show possible!

The following policies must be agreed to in order to be a cast member in one of our shows:

1. Attendance is strictly enforced on a "3 Strikes You're Out" policy.

1 strike = 1 unexcused absence OR 2 unexcused tardies.

A tardy is defined as arrival OR pickup that is 10 minutes or more after the call time.

2. If your child misses a rehearsal, they will not be included in the scenes/songs missed even if the absence/tardy is excused.

Thank you for understanding that in the short time our shows are produced, there is no time to catch others up when time is missed on their behalf.

3. Refunds are given up until the week before auditions take place, and will NOT be given after.

Our productions commonly fill up & have a waitlist, in which your child auditioning took a role that a child on the waitlist could have had. Your spot in our show is special!

4. A refund may be made BEFORE auditions take place but approximately 5.6% will be taken off due to transaction fees.

This may be avoided by requesting the funds be put as a credit to your account with us for future shows/classes/programs. In order to do this, you must email BEFORE/WHEN you request the refund.

5. Your child may have pictures taken and posted on social media and marketing for Broadway Bound. If you wish for your child to not be in photos, you must send a written request to immediately after registration is completed.

6. In order to make this production the best possible experience for your child, parents must either:

Volunteer at least 2 hours OR pay an extra $10 on top of the registration fee. 

7. Please only sign up for one session.

You may sign up for another session if it has open slots 2 weeks before its auditions. Thank you for helping us give as many children as possible the opportunity to perform!