Cast Links - Peter Pan Session 2

  • Underclothing: We want your child to be as comfortable as possible when changing/trying on costumes, in which we ask that on costume try-on, dress rehearsal, & performance days, your child wear the following for under their costume (this may change according to their costume):
    • Girls - leotard & shorts OR tank-top & shorts. Solid black flats or black jazz shoes.
    • Boys - white t-shirt & shorts OR tank-top & shorts. Solid black shoes or black jazz shoes.
    • We are not strict on what to wear under costumes, just as long as your child is wearing something over their undergarments & the clothing they wear under costume cannot be seen when wearing a costume. Thanks!
  • Costumes:  (LINK!) Costumes will be tried on in particular rehearsals (specified on the schedule). Some pieces may need to be provided by the actor, which are detailed in the link. 
  • Hair & Makeup: (link coming soon)

  • Stage Manager: Delanie DeMille (email: or through the RemindMe)
  • Director/Makeup Artist: Lindsay Woolley
  • Assistant Director: N'tima Preusser
  • Student Director/Stage Hand: Kate Woolley
  • Choreographer/Tech: Kaisa Larsen
    Student Choreographer/Stage Hand: Maria Lara
  • Music Director: Brittney Nelson
  • Student Music Director: Katie Stanley
  • Costume Mistress: Athena Jones

Please read each item carefully.

1. Please accept your role here by Sunday, February 18th, or your role will be replaced by another actor.

2. Join the RemindMe by texting "@PeterPanS2" to 81010.

3. Visit each button below & come back to this page often.

4. Start memorizing!

5. Prep for rehearsals:

  • Familiarize yourself with the schedule below & which days your child(ren) are called. 
  • Bring a water bottle to all rehearsals.
  • Ensure access to the script (printed or electronic copy).
  • Wear clothes/shoes comfortable to move in (dance days, see schedule).
  • Costume/hair information will be posted soon.